Easy to use control panelCREATE YOUR OWN APP


1. Create and manage your app in one place

You can easily create and manage your APP(s) from your AppGap control panel. You can simply use the drag and drop tool in order to add pages, items, RSS feed, social media interactivity to your APP(s).

2. Promote your app

We provide many tools such as QR codes, app landing pages, social media share and many other promotional tools to our users. You can access all these tools from you control panel.

3. Engaging with your users made easy

Engage with your customers in a more personal way through custom forms to collect new contacts, loyalty cards and ecommerce tools to deliver the content that your users want to see in your APP(s).

interact with outside world!!

The more opportunities you have to interact with your clients and show-off your brand, the better. A Mobile app, if nothing else, can be one of those things which helps you to provide additional point of contact to the outside world.

Cross-platform tool

Build an App that is compatible with all the major mobile and tablet devices available on the market. including iPhone, iPad and Android. You can publish your APP(s) to HTML5, Android, iPhone, iPad and Chrome Store!


We know that building and managing an APP can be stressful so we have developed a comprehensive control panel from which you can simply and easily Build, manage and publish your APP(s) with only a few clicks.

Live Preview

You are in full control of your own APP. You can customize every single aspect of your APP in any way you want. You can add logo's, change backgrounds, add social media buttons, add ecommerce functions and many many more to your APP.

FULLY Customizable

You are in full control with your APP(s) and you can customize your APP in any way you want. You can add logo's, change the background, add ecommerce functionality and many many more features to your APP(s).

Cloud system support

Make the most of our cloud-based services and enjoy the benefits of real-time updates! All of your contents and design settings are safely stored in the cloud so that you can edit your app anytime and push changes right to your users’ devices.

E-commerce within your app

Integrate shopping cart features and geotargeted couponing to turn your app into a gold mine for your business! From mobile commerce to advertising networks, we offer everything you need to capture new customers and generate extra revenues.

real-time analytics

You can easily view the analytics status of your APP from you AppGap control panel. This feature will ensure you that you will get the most out of your APP(s) and helps you to edit and update your APP as and when required.


AppGap provides an easy to use and easy to navigate control panel full of comprehensive features!



  • iPhone, iPad, Android and HTML5


    One single tool to make your app available for iOS, Android, Chrome Web Store and HTML5 WebApp in the blink of an eye.

  • Brand your style


    Customize your app's look and feel by picking the layout that most suits your needs or create your own from scratch.

  • Live Analytics


    Monitor your real time analytics from a single panel to keep track of your app's performance and what needs improvement.

  • E-commerce


    Easily add e-commerce shopping basket to your App.

  • Safe hosting


    AppGap offers you a safe hosting, where your data will be saved periodically and reset anytime in case of trouble.

  • Social Media


    Adding social media buttons to APP(s) could be very beneficial for your business exposure.

  • Form Generator


    Generate your custom forms to collect your users' details, manage mobile bookings and generate new leads for your business.

  • Native Maps


    Create your native maps to allow users to access maps right from your app and enjoy a more fluid user experience.

  • Facebook Tab


    Integrate your app tab inside your facebook page to promote your application among all your contacts in a non-intrusive way.

  • Wall Chats


    Promote your products and services right into your app and allow your users to complete check out procedures just by tapping a button!

  • Widgets


    Implement your app’s functionalities with special widgets such as weather forecasts, route planner, calculator, currency converter and many others!


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